Dealing With Pests Around Australia

Dealing with any type of pest or insect that goes where you don’t want them to in Australia, whether it be inside or near your home, can be tough to deal with it. You’ll have to learn different tricks and tools usually for each different type so if you have an infestation of multiple types of pests, it feels like a struggle. Follow this information on each different type of creature to know what to do with it.


Ants can be a big annoyance since they typically try to go for whatever food you have around in your house. To deal with ants, you have different solutions depending on if you are trying to kill or deter them from even going into your house in the first place. Lemon juice and cinnamon for an example are some of the materials you can lay down paths around your doors, windows, and everywhere you don’t want ants to come in as they hate it enough where they will completely avoid the paths surrounding it. When you’re trying to deal with killing ants, cream of wheat and Equal packets mixed with apple juice are both ways so you can kill them by simply spreading it around and in where they are habituating. Use all of these materials if you want to get rid of ants for good.


Wasps can be a huge pain as their nests can get huge if you don’t deal with the problem early on. Recently in places like Alabama, scientists have seen what has happened when they are allowed to grow freely by the “super nests” they build on the sides of houses that can be the size of a car and hold up to 15,000 wasps. If you live around the Sydney area, the easiest way to deal with wasps would be to call any wasp removal sydney service that can come and do it all for you. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, there’s a couple of steps you need to take once you’ve identified the nest. These steps include nest drenching, nest dusting, baiting, and more. Many people have been severely injured or died from being attacked by wasps so really make sure to only do it yourself if you’re only 100% sure that you’ll be able to finish it yourself. Wasps are easily one of the biggest nuisances to deal with in the world of pests.

Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies tend to be annoying if you are a heavy eater of fruit and vegetables. Fortunately, fruit flies are some of the east pests to take out. These flies are always interested in something sweet so check out the different traps you can make on the internet such as vinegar, banana, and a soap trap. Each of these options uses household materials that can easily get rid of these pests for you.


Dealing with pests is one of the most annoying parts of owning a home. Fortunately, the tips listed beforehand should give you a good head start on what you need to do when they show up. Make sure to get yourself more informed before dealing with any other pests you see.

Dealing With Pests Around Australia